Road & Bridge

The Palos Township Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction of certain residential streets in unincorporated Palos Township. As part of the jurisdiction, the Highway Department is responsible for pothole filling and repairs of streets, snow and ice removal, mowing and weed control in right of ways, street lights rental and maintenance, and installation and replacement of street signs.

Driveway permits are required for any and all work done in the township road right of way. This includes, but is not limited to, replacing existing driveways, constructing new driveways, replacing existing driveway culverts that have collapsed or rotted out. Permits are also required for connecting water and/or sewer lines that involve auguring and/or cutting across the roadway, and any other work that would take place in the road right of way. An application is available at our office - please call (708) 598-4451.

We also work to cooperate with the Metropolitan Water Reclaimation District of Greater Chicago (called MWRDGC) and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (called IEPA) for storm water and sewer management. MRWDGC and IEPA have outlined specific guidelines for for storm water and sewer management, and what part we, as both a government agency and individual homeowner, are expected to do in protecting our enviroment. Please review Understanding Storm Water on this site.

As the Highway Commissioner, I especially want to thank the community of residents for their cooperation and assistance, in the past, present and future, in calling to notify our office of street light outages, missing street signs, potholes, illegal dumping and all other various highway department concerns. In today's busy world, it means a lot to know that concerned citizen will take the time to keep their community as safe and maintained as possible.

Palos Township Highway Department is very proud of the fact that we have maintained, repaired or replaced, cleaned or supervised all the roads under our judisdiction every day.