Temporary Disability Placards

Persons With Disabilities License Plates And Placards

Neither the Township of Palos nor Secretary of State facilities are authorized to issue Persons with Disabilities License Plates or permanent parking placards.

Disability license plates and permanent placards may only be issued through the Springfield office.

Palos Township can provide you with a Temporary Disability Parking Placard by completing the appropriate forms and returning them to the Township administrative offices.  Continue reading below for more information.

Temporary Disability Placards

The Township of Palos may ONLY issue temporary disability parking placards which are valid for 90 days. 

In order to obtain a temporary parking placard, you must have a licensed physician complete and sign a Disability Certification Form. 

You may obtain a Disability Certification Form from the Palos Township Administrative Offices located at
10802 S. Roberts Rd., Palos Hills IL or you may download a copy of the form here.

Please remember, if you download the form, make sure you BRING BOTH PAGES with you to the Administrative Offices after your physician has completed them both, or we will be unable to issue you a Temporary Disability Placard.