Things the Clerk Does

  • The Clerk prepares minutes for every meeting of the Board and the Annual Town Meeting (not committee meetings).
  1. The Clerk prepares agendas for every meeting of the Board.
  2. The Clerk is Deputy Registrar and registers voters.
  3. Ther Clerk is the Clerk of the Town of Palos and the Clerk of the Road District.
  4. The Clerk oversees the Records Disposal which is done every year in January. This is done through the Local Record Commission in Springfield, Illinois.
  5. Mail-in ballot applications are provided to the residents of the township by the clerk in every election.
  6. The Clerk's office is responsible for a listing of the voting places, provided by Cook County, for early voting in each election.
  7. The Clerk certifies the Township and Road District budget and tax levy yearly.
  8. The Clerk is a notary for any resident that needs that service.
  9. The Clerk is in charge of the Annual Town Meeting and the Clerk does the entire preparation for this meeting.
  10. The Clerk helps candidates applying for the Township of Illinois scholarships which are given out annually.
  11. The Clerk can reigster voters at nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  12. The Clerk sets up Deputy Registrar Training sessions (when necessary).